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Body treatments


Permanent hair removal with laser

Safely, quickly and efficiently removing hair from all parts of the body with the most efficient diode laser Soprano XL, the only safe laser for epilation in summer. The treatment is safe, effectively removes hair from all parts of the body and is absolutely painless. It works by emitting a beam of light direct to the skin, thus without damaging the skin. Light is directed at the fibrous follicle pigment. Fibrous follicle absorbs the laser energy which destroys the roots and prevents the growth of new hair. Effective for all skin types.

Treatments for body shaping

Package treatments for non-surgical fat loss, removal cellulite with the latest RF BTL Exilis technology. New technology which is a revolutionary discovery in cosmetic dermatology for the treatment of cellulite, reduce fat and body sculpting.

Mesotherapy - injection lipolysis for volume reduction and melting of excess fat

Mesotherapy is an effective way to remove celulit. The goal of mesotherapy is to increase the activity of fibroblasts to create a greater concentration of collagen and elastin and complete resorption of active substances that help easier to regenerate and restore the skin thus losing the appearance of skin as orange and at the same time lipolysis carried excess a fat. It is necessary to do several treatments depending on the patient's condition. Treatments are performed 10-14 days, and the effects are visible already after the first treatment.

Treatment for correction of stretch marks with PRP (platelet rich plasma)

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is human platelet concentrate in a small amount of plasma obtained from the patient. Treatment correct stretch marks by meeting the gap with new collagen and they become shallow, thin and imperceptible. He is one of the few treatments to solve this problem and is particularly effective when stretch marks are red and fresh created.

Treatment for removal tattoos with laser

For many years the most successful technology for removing tattoos is laser with Q-switch technology. Q-switch lasers differ from other lasers because they have short duration of the laser pulse and great power. The duration of the laser beam is measured in nano and picoseconds, and the remaining lasers in milliseconds, ie 6-9 times longer. He breaks the pigment generating a beam of high energy is delivered to the skin in nanoseconds and that very selectively corrosive of ink pigment while skin can not absorb and so remains protected. For completely remove the tattoo have to make several treatments from 4 to 10 depending on the surface that covers the tattoo, the type of ink which is made and a time period how old is tattoo. This  laser for removal of tattoos is the first and only professional laser for this purpose in our country and we successfully started working with him. The first experiences are very positive patients is well tolerated treatment that is not painful and have noticeable results after the first treatment.

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