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Permanent hair removal


Permanent laser epilation - the only way to free yourself from unwanted hair
How to get rid of unwanted hair? It is one of the most frequently asked questions today among women, and more often among men. There are several solutions,  all of them with short-term effect, while the process is painful, irritates the skin and often needs to be repeated for the skin to be hairless.

The only permanent solution for removal of unwanted hair is the  permanent laser epilation with diode laser Soprano XL on Alma lasers. The treatment is safe, efficiently removes hair from all parts of the body and is absolutely painless. It works by emitting a beam of light directed to the skin, thus without damaging the skin. Light is directed at the fibrous follicule pigment. Fibrous follicle absorbs the laser energy and destroys the roots and prevents the growth of new hair. The treatment is effective for all skin types. World novelty SHR technology, built into the Soprano XL, enables quick treatment whereas the energy is emitted in the movement of the probe so that in larger areas like the back or legs to be much faster, more efficient and safer than any other laser. Clinical studies suggest that it takes 4 to 6 treatments at intervals of 1 to 3 months to achieve the desired results.
Among men, the most desired areas for unwanted hair removal are: face cheekbones, neck, shoulders, back and abdomen, while among women: mustache, chin, forearms, underarms, abdomen, groin and legs.

The treatment with the diode laser Soprano XL shows no side effects, because the laser head has active cooling and protects the skin from any possible damage. In other lasers, which don’t have cooling system, there is a risk of burns. Treatment with diode laser should be performed by highly professional and trained personnel so that side effects do not occur.


Nowadays, the permanent laser hair removal is no longer expensive and inaccessible treatment, and patients are advised to make permanent laser epilation for aesthetic, practical, and health reasons, especially among men and athletes. Having a crystal smooth skin without unwanted hair with is possible with Soprano XL.


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