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The latest laser techniques

Laser refreshment and rejuvenate the face, neck and neckline with ClearLift, the bigest hit in USA at the moment

ClearLift is a revolutionary, non-surgical and safe treatment for smoothing fine wrinkles and fresh-looking face. Painless and without side effects. With few treatments skin are tightened and you get visibly rejuvenated face.
It is recommended for men and women over 25 years of age.
ClearLift not require the use of anesthetics or cooling skin. During a treatment feels easy pleasant tingling. After treatment the client can immediately return to daily activities.
Many customers noticed improvement after the first treatment, but it necessary to make 4-5 treatments to improve the strength and elasticity of the skin.
It can be combined with other therapies to rejuvenate the face, often with crystal peeling.

Treatment for removal tattoos with laser

For many years the most successful technology for removing tattoos is laser with Q-switch technology. Q-switch lasers differ from other lasers because they have short duration of the laser pulse and great power. The duration of the laser beam is measured in nano and picoseconds, and the remaining lasers in milliseconds, ie 6-9 times longer. He breaks the pigment generating a beam of high energy is delivered to the skin in nanoseconds and that very selectively corrosive of ink pigment while skin can not absorb and so remains protected. For completely remove the tattoo have to make several treatments from 4 to 10 depending on the surface that covers the tattoo, the type of ink which is made and a time period how old is tattoo. This  laser for removal of tattoos is the first and only professional laser for this purpose in our country and we successfully started working with him. The first experiences are very positive patients is well tolerated treatment that is not painful and have noticeable results after the first treatment.

Treatment of fungal infections of nails Q-switch

This is the latest approach in the treatment of fungal infections of nails. Precisely directed laser beam can eliminate fungal infection without damaging the surrounding tissue of the nail. The laser beam works of a specific frequency and treats only those cells that are responsible for the occurrence of infection. Laser treatment does not cause health problems, and patients don’t feel discomfort during the treatment. The treatment takes about ten minutes to treat the toenail of the big toe. Of course, if you have an infected nail, the treatment lasts several times longer. There is a well-known method of therapy with appropriate selected drugs which are prescribed by a physician or dermatologist.